Love your liver! - Emily Skye

Love your liver!

Love your liver!

Our liver plays some very important roles in our body. Not only does it work to detoxify our body by helping process all the nasties from the food we eat, it also produces hormones, regulates glycogen storage and has several other important roles in our metabolic processes. So treating it with love is kinda important!

Now no one is perfect, and enjoying a glass of wine, or a coffee, or a chocolate bar are all part of an enjoyable life and I am not here to say you shouldn’t. However there are some very simple steps you can take to make sure your liver is being as loved and looked after as possible!

  1. Avoid processed foods - These types of foods are filled with all sorts of nasty chemicals the liver has to work hard to get rid of. Try to opt for fresh foods that are as close to their natural state as possible!
  2. Curb your drinking - There actually IS too much of a good thing when it comes to our health, so keep an eye on your alcohol consumption. If you are partial to a glass of wine in the evening, try to make sure you give your liver time off in the week so that it doesn’t have to struggle with the process of metabolizing the toxins.
  3. Keep hydrated - Apart from the obvious necessity for water, it also helps flush out your liver and kidneys making it easier for it to do it’s job!
  4. Feed your liver with love! - Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for supporting the natural functions of your body, including your liver. Yet some foods are even better than others! Garlic, lemons, beetroot and dandelion tea are all natural buddies of the liver and help support its functions.
  5. Rest up! - Yep, that's right. Sleep is important for your liver (as well as every other organ!). Skip out on your sleep on a regular basis and your liver is going to struggle to do its job properly.

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