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Finding your ideal workout buddy

Finding your ideal workout buddy

Having a workout buddy is a great way to keep you motivated and enjoying your exercise time, plus it can give you a little healthy competition - if that’s what you need to push yourself harder!

Finding the best workout partner doesn’t always mean asking your closest friend or the person you laugh the most with, because who you get along with the best, might not be who you need to push you to do your best! You might even find that you need a couple of different ‘buddies’ to join you with different types of exercise. E.g. long distance jogging or a park based calisthenics class.

An ideal workout buddy will be fun to be around but also enthusiastic and push you to achieve your best in a supportive way.

So when deciding who you should reel in as your exercise buddy, try to look for these qualities:

  • Someone you like… This is kind of important because you don’t want to avoid your exercise sessions just because you want to avoid your exercise buddy!
  • Someone who is as enthusiastic as you are about keeping fit, because you don’t want someone you have to keep ‘convincing’ to get up and at it!
  • Someone who is interested in the same types of exercises as you
  • Ideally someone who lives close by so that catching up for a run or a class isn’t too difficult.
  • Someone who shares a similar day to day schedule as you, so that you are both available at similar times each week.
  • Someone that makes you feel good about yourself and is supportive, because that’s the kind of person you want beside you as you sweat your way through a workout!

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