My tips for healthy eating and keeping your social life - Emily Skye

My tips for healthy eating and keeping your social life

My tips for healthy eating and keeping your social life

When moving over to a healthy lifestyle some people’s biggest fears is how will it affect their social life. They imagine being stuck at home nibbling on carrot sticks whilst all their friends go out and enjoy themselves. But being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice socialising with friends and loving life. For example: yesterday I went out for dinner with some friends, while they had some alcoholic drinks I had a sparkling water with fresh lime. For the food I chose a lamb curry without the rice. I still got to enjoy their company, catch up and be social without it affecting my healthy eating routine. I know so many people struggle with this area, so I thought I would give you a few tips on how to stick to healthy eating whilst still staying social.

Choose wisely
I always choose a meal that has protein, salad or vegetables and either good fats or good carbs. Such as: a piece of fish, chicken or lean meat and salad with avocado, or meat and veggies or brown/black rice, quinoa, sweet potato or pumpkin. Ask for balsamic vinegar to dress your salad with and make sure it's not sweetened (some have sugar in it). Also ask for no sauce on your meat as these are usually full of sugar or unhealthy fats. If a meal comes with bread or white rice I ask to hold it and I’ll ask to get extra meat, or replace it with veggies or salad and avocado. I prefer to have high fat rather than high carb as that's what works best for me.

Don’t go in super hungry
It’s like that rule of never go to the supermarket hungry, well the same applies to restaurants. If you turn up to dinner absolutely starving then your will power won’t be as strong and the unhealthy food like pizza or that breadbasket is going to be hard to stay away from. You generally over order too, adding in a starter, main and dessert. So if dinner is going to be a little later than your normal eating time or it’s post a gym session and you know you’ll be ravenous, make yourself a clean protein shake before hand or nibble down on some vege sticks. If you have some food in your stomach you will have stronger willpower to stick to the healthy food and not overeat.

Plan ahead
I like to look up the restaurant I’m going to online and see what they have to offer or if I can’t find them online I give them a call. It’s good to go in with a plan of attack on what you will order and stick to it. If you can’t see anything healthy on the menu, don't be afraid to ask for changes to your meal, or ask how they cook the food. Remember you're paying for it after all and most places are pretty accommodating.

Remember your goals
If you are worried that you might waiver and fall into temptation, then before you head out sit down and write out your goals, re read them and then visualise them. Remember why you are making these healthy changes in your life and keep those fresh in your head whilst you are out. If you can remember your why then it will be easy make avoid temptation and stick to your healthy eating.

Rally the support from your friends
My friends are super supportive of my healthy lifestyle and if you are socialising with the right people then they should be supportive in your health and fitness journey too. So many people worry about what others will think if they seem “fussy” because they are making changes to the menu and asking questions on how the food is cooked. However if your friends know what your goals are, they will be supportive and help you with every step of the way.

Avoid alcohol
Alcohol isn’t going to serve any positive purpose in keeping fit and staying healthy. Not only are you consuming a lot of extra calories but alcohol also affects your liver, which is what helps you metabolise fat. If you drink, then you are essentially affecting your metabolism, never mind the hangover you will feel in the morning and all that greasy food you will want to eat. So if possible stay away from it when you can.

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to come at a complete sacrifice. Remember life is only to be lived once so it’s important you still go out and enjoy yourself, it’s just about making healthier choices along the way. Let me know if there is anything you struggle with when sticking to a healthy diet? I would love to cover more topics that can help you guys out along your health and fitness journey.

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