How to make it past week two of your plan! - Emily Skye

How to make it past week two of your plan!

How to make it past week two of your plan!

Getting past the first two weeks of a fitness plan can be a little challenging. It is this timeframe that the body is adjusting to the potential changes in diet as well as increased exercise and it is normal to feel tired, sore and perhaps a little cranky. Plus it takes a few weeks to start noticing the results you are after, so some people tend to give up in the first two weeks, before they can even experience some of the amazing results they were working towards!

So here are some of my tips that can help you stick to your plan, get past those first two weeks and achieve the results you are after!

  • Set a timeframe - Having a set time frame can make it much easier to stick out fitness related goals, especially if they involve following a diet plan. So set yourself a reasonable time frame (6 weeks is good) and you can always extend it or do another 6 weeks after a few days off.
  • Have rest/treat days - Sometimes having 1 day a week where you can bend the rules just a little (perhaps enjoying a meal of your choice, or changing out your workout routines for a game of tennis and a swim at the beach) can really help you stick to long term fitness plans.
  • Bring a friend along for the ride - Having a workout buddy is one thing, but if you can convince a friend to join you on your quest for a fitter and healthier you, then you can support each other during moments of weakness, or when you just need a little extra motivation!
  • Remind yourself of what you are working towards - You have a goal in mind, so set up little reminders around the place to help remind you of what you are working towards. Perhaps you have a dress you want to wear or a photo of yourself when you are looking your best? Try putting the next to your bed, or on the refrigerator. These are the kind of things that will really help you stay focused and on track!
  • Dig deep - Give your workouts your best! If you are working on a set timeframe, it is a great idea to try and get the most out of what you are doing. So aim to give 100% in all your workouts, so that you gain the results you are working towards.
  • Check your expectations - It is important not to set yourself unrealistic expectations and be kind to yourself and if need be, a little forgiving. Sometimes life presents us with unforeseen circumstances and we have to make adjustments. Just remember to be kind yourself and allow for these adjustments if they are needed.
  • Prep your environment - There is no point in organising a workout and diet plan, then having your cupboards full of chips and other temptations. Try to organise your environment in a way that supports your specific fitness plan as much as possible. Have a workout area set up so that you can see it, and easily access it and stock your fridge and cupboard with healthy foods so that you are not tempted.

Good luck!

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