Re-energise your eyes after a big night - Emily Skye

Re-energise your eyes after a big night

Re-energise your eyes after a big night

Our eyes say a lot about ourselves -Including whether we had a good night sleep or not! Waking up with puffy, red or dark eyes can be really upsetting when you have an important appointment and you want to look your best.

And it isn’t just lack of sleep that can cause those puffy, dark circles. Other causes include sickness, crying, oversleeping, menstruating, and even getting a bit too much sun.

Here are some simple (natural) techniques that can help you calm that puffiness down and sooth your eyes, giving them back the sparkling beauty of a good night’s sleep!

  • Hydrate - This is always one of my main go-to fixes and it really does help. Dehydration will only exacerbate the look of puffy tired eyes, so make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Cold water - Washing your face with cold water for a few minutes works by restricting the arterial flow around your eyes which works by reducing the swollen puffy look. This restriction of blood flow also works to stimulate your nervous system and causes you to feel more awake and alert.
  • Cold cucumber slices - The cold temperature works in a similar capacity to the cold water (though slightly less effective) however it has the added benefit of containing anti-inflammatory properties that will help sooth your eyes and reduce that puffy look.
  • Cold milk mask - Milk (full cream) has a naturally soothing effect on irritated and swollen eyes. Use cold milk (try ice cubes to help cool it down, then submerge some cotton pads and then rest the cold milk over your closed eyes for about 15 minutes. The natural fats, proteins, amino acids, lactic acids, vitamins A and D, all work to reduce irritation and return your eyes to their normal state.
  • Green tea bags - Warm tea bags can help revitalize your eyes and make them feel more awake and alert. The caffeine in the green tea works to constrict the tiny blood vessels under the skin and around the eyes to help them look fresh and awake.

So don’t let a bad night’s sleep put you off what you have planned for your day. Try these simple techniques to re-energise your eyes and restore your natural beauty!

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