Learning to love the here and now - Emily Skye

Learning to love the here and now

Learning to love the here and now

This fast paced society we live in seems to constantly pressure us to question whether we are content with our lot in life. Do we have a fancy house? The career we want? A nice car? A great social life? Or our ideal body? I encourage everyone to have a dream or a goal to work towards, because it is a positive way to implement change. Yet what we wish for ourselves in the future shouldn’t overshadow the enjoyment of what we have and who we are today.

Sure some days are more amazing than others and other days can be really challenging. It can be really easy getting caught up in what we are doing, or what is going on so that we forget to take the time to smell the roses!

How often do you make time to just stop and appreciate all the amazing things in your life?

For me it’s all the little things that make me happy; having a cup of coffee, enjoying the sunshine, hugs from my friends and family, hearing a good joke, reading a book, dancing with my eyes closed and many other things. All these little things are what make up my here and now, and when you think about it, this moment is all that we have. It is always going to be ‘right now’, so we might as well appreciate it, don’t you think?

So now I have a little challenge for you: Take a few moments to think about what makes you happy? What are the little things in life that make you smile or feel whole? Have a think about this and then as you go about the rest of you day see if you can take a few moments to appreciate the things that are special to you as they happen. Perhaps it will be being greeted by a pet, listening to a favourite song, having a chat with a friend, or enjoying a glass of your favourite beverage.

Whatever it is that makes you happy in life, savour those moments. Life's for living, so let’s learn to love it as much as we can!

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