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Become a morning person

Become a morning person

Are you one of those people who really struggle getting up and out of bed each morning? It can be really challenging, especially on those cold mornings when you just want to stay warm under the covers. Yet early morning is such a beautiful time of the day. When you do get up, you have an opportunity to enjoy the peacefulness of a fresh start, get a head start on all the things you need to do that day… Or maybe even have a little extra time just for you!?

Here are 6 tips to help you become the morning person you want to be:

  1. Love Your Alarm - There is nothing worse than waking up to a screeching alarm that puts you on edge straight away. So choose an alarm sound that will do the job (actually wake you up!), but get you up in a good mood. I enjoy waking up to some of my favourite songs!
  2. Let In The Light - If like me you prefer to sleep in the dark with the curtains drawn, then try to make opening them one of the first things you do. A light and sunny room will instantly help you feel awake and ready for your day.
  3. Get Your Body Moving - Starting your day of by getting your heart pumping and your muscles moving is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Whether that be a short yoga session, a brisk walk or a short cardio workout, you are bound to feel more awake and energised afterwards!
  4. Mood Music - Not everyone likes to listen to music in the morning, but if you do then opt for upbeat or uplifting music that will put you in a great mood. Try to avoid really relaxing music that might make you feel like hopping back into bed and sleeping!
  5. Energise With Breakfast - Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. As the name suggests you are literally breaking your fast from the evening before! Opt for healthy foods that are rich in nutrients such as protein, so that you have adequate fuel to face your day.
  6. End Early - This might be one of the most important tips… Try not to go to bed too late. If you go to bed late, then you are going to need to sleep in more just to get enough sleep. If you are working at changing your normal routine then you might find when you plan to go to sleep early, you just aren't that tired yet. But if you consistently aim to go to bed early, your body will eventually adjust and then waking up in earlier in the morning will start to happen more naturally!

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