Substituting this age old staple for alternative options - Emily Skye

Substituting this age old staple for alternative options

Substituting this age old staple for alternative options

Bread seems to be such a commonplace staple in our diets these days. Whether is be sandwiches, burgers, bruschetta or toast, chances are your local cafe’s menu is dominated by dishes involving it. I personally work better when I avoid gluten and starchy carbs in general, so for me bread just isn’t really an option. So I thought I would share some of my bread supplement choices, for those of you who are also gluten free, or perhaps just want to try a delicious change!

  • Lettuce wraps - Instead of using a wrap or bread to hold together your favourite ingredients, try using a lettuce leaf instead! Iceberg tends to work best, though cos also works. Just fill with some hummus, tomato and greens, roll up and enjoy!
  • Portobello mushrooms burgers - For a hearty burger that you can still wrap your hands around, try using Portobello mushrooms in place of a burger bun. You can BBQ the, dry fry them or bake them in the oven. Yummy!
  • Mini cucumber sandwiches - For a light snack sandwich try slicing a cucumber in half (or even into slices) and filling with peanut butter, or hummus, or whatever you fancy. Great alternative and looks amazing on a serving platter for guests!
  • Sweet potato toast - Slicing sweet potato into toastlike slices and then cooking in the toaster before topping with your choice of toppings, is a delicious and filling alternative to toast in the mornings!
  • Eggplant toasties - If you have a toasted sandwich maker, then try using thicker slices of eggplant as the casing of your toastie. Lightly spray the outside with olive oil for the best results.
  • Capsicum focaccias - For a fresh and crunchy sandwich case, choose a large capsicum (any colour) and slice into breadlike pieces before filling with your favourite fillings. Looks and tastes amazing!
  • Veggie stick dippers - Slicing your favorite veggies into sticks for scooping dip, is not only a great alternative to torn bread or crackers, it adds a whole new level of flavour and is fantastically healthy! Some of my favourites include; carrots, celery, snow peas, cucumber, capsicum (any colour!), green beans and tomatoes.

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