Get spinning! - Emily Skye

Get spinning!

Get spinning!

Cycle classes (sometimes referred to as ‘spin’ or ‘spinning class’) are motivational, upbeat, high intensity cardio classes that will get your muscles pumping and have the sweat literally pouring off you. If you have never tried it before, yet you enjoy loud pumping music, working out till you sweat and having an instructor yelling out motivational encouragements to help keep you accountable, then cycle class could be just right for you!

The average cycle class runs from between 40 - 50 minutes and in this time you are continually pedalling against resistance that you alter depending on your instructor’s direction and your own personal abilities. This high intensity training not only burns through calories (you will burn on average between 300-600 per class!), it also works to strengthen and tone the muscles of your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes!

Suitable for most people, spin classes offer a fairly unique form of high intensity cardio training because it places little to no strain or pressure on the associated joints, including the hips, knees and ankles. Not only does it not place unnecessary pressure on these joints, it also protects them by working on strengthening and toning your lower body muscles to help improve your stability.

Like with all types of exercises though, it is a good idea to mix it up. Even though spin is a fantastic way of burning calories and toning your legs and butt, it shouldn’t be the only exercise you do. Remember to mix in some resistance focused workouts as well to really help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals!

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