Cauliflower rice sushi - Emily Skye

Cauliflower rice sushi

Cauliflower rice sushi

I love sushi! It is so delicious, easy to make, and can be a fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids. The only problem is that my digestive system works best when I avoid grains. So that means that if I eat rice filled sushi, I end up paying the price afterwards! Lucky for me I came across this amazing recipe that uses cauliflower instead of rice, and if I am honest? It tastes even better than the real thing!

So for all you fellow grain free food lovers, here is a recipe that I am confident is going to go up there in your favourites too! - You will need to get yourself a bamboo sushi roller if you don’t have one already. These are usually available from most large supermarkets.


  • 1/2 Cauliflower, leaves and stem removed
  • 3 nori sheets
  • 1 Tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. Coconut sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. Dulse flakes
  • 1/4 tsp. Crushed rock salt

For the filling -

  • Avocado, thinly sliced
  • Cucumber, thinly sliced length ways
  • Fresh salmon, skin/bones removed and cut into thin long strips.

To Serve -

  • Tamari sauce/soy sauce
  • Pickled ginger
  • Wasabi


  1. Break the cauliflower up into small florets then steam for approximately 6 minutes.
  2. Blend in a food processor until the cauliflower resembles rice like pieces.
  3. Transfer into a bowl and add the vinegar, salt, dulse and coconut sugar. Mix together with a fork, keeping it as fluffy and light as possible. Set aside until completely cooled (ideally 1 hour+).
  4. Lay a piece of nori paper, shiny side down, on your bamboo roller.
  5. Add 2/3 cup of cauliflower mixture to the centre of the nori and spread out to the sides, leaving about an inch on both the bottom and top of the nori with no ‘rice’ mixture. Press down firmly so that it is evenly spread.
  6. Add the avocado, cucumber and salmon in a horizontal line along the centre
  7. Slightly dampen the nori strip on the top end (furthest away from you) then fold in the section closest to you and tightly roll upwards so that the damp nori seals the end.
  8. Cut into desired sizes using a sharp, wet knife.
  9. Serve with soy, ginger and wasabi!
  10. Enjoy!

This same recipe can be adapted to use any filling you enjoy, such as chicken, mushroom, tempeh or prawn. Yummy!

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