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6 of the best full body exercises

6 of the best full body exercises

When it comes to planning your workouts, you cannot go past full body exercises to tone, strengthen and condition your whole body. Because working out smarter is better than working out harder. You can accomplish so much by just combining a few full body exercises into your workout.

Here are 6 full body exercises that will work to strengthen and tone your whole body, efficiently and effectively.

Deadlift to overhead press - It doesn't matter if you use a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or even your kid brother/sister, practicing deadlifts to overhead press is an effective way of strengthening and toning your legs, butt, torso, shoulders and arms - So basically your whole body!

Burpees - With an extra cardio element added, burpees are a simple and effective exercise that can literally be done anywhere at any time. You don’t need any equipment to assist you, and you can add in a push-up to give yourself that extra upper body challenge.

Kettlebell swing - One of my favourites, this exercise effectively tones your whole body and if you want to add that extra level you can progress it to a swing squat. When practiced explosively, this is another cardiovascular, as well as strength building, exercise!

Side-front-side plank - Even just a normal plank gives you a total body workout, however moving from a side plank into a normal plank takes the challenge deeper into your obliques.

Medicine ball slams - Working the upper body, core and legs, this exercise is fantastic for venting any stress or tension! It is also really easy to do, just be sure that you don’t let the ball bounce back up and hit you!

Wall ball - This is an exercise that has become really popular in many HIIT classes.
It involves holding a large weighted ball in a squat position, standing up explosively and throwing it up against the wall (usually over a designated line) before catching it again and going down into a squat, then back up to throw the ball up once more. This effectively works both your upper and lower body and will have you sweating in no time!

If you are uncertain of how to perform any of these exercises then have a look at some of the videos available from my Facebook page or grab my FIT program, so that you can start achieving your fitness goals today!

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