5 reasons to get you up and going! - Emily Skye

5 reasons to get you up and going!

5 reasons to get you up and going!

  1. The more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning! - It doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether it be getting up off the couch, putting on your shoes or simply brushing your teeth, the more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you will be burning with these simple movements!
  2. The fitter you get now, the fitter your body will be later in life! - None of us want to have to have to depend on others to help us with everyday tasks later on in life. Muscles have memory (once you have built up muscles to a certain point, it is easier to rebuild and maintain them!) so getting your body strong and healthy today, will help ensure you are strong and healthy beyond just tomorrow! The same can be said about general fitness. It is never too late start working out, however if you can keep your body fit and healthy from a younger age, the older version of you will thank you!
  3. Exercise makes you smarter! - That’s right, regular exercise enhances basic cognitive function and improves your memory as well! Cardiovascular exercise actually helps create more brain cells!
  4. Improves your ability to fight off illness - Exercise has been proven to support the immune system, so that people who are fit and active are much less likely to fall sick with the common flu or cold, and when they do they are more likely to recover from it quicker than a person who is unfit.
  5. Exercise will improve your sex life! - Exercise actually stimulates the production of the different ‘happy hormones’ in your body, meaning you have more energy and you actually feel more attractive! The fitter you have, the more energy you have. Enough said!

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