Why exercise should be your first response - Emily Skye

Why exercise should be your first response

Why exercise should be your first response

Feeling blue can be extremely challenging, especially when we cannot even put our finger on why we are feeling so low in the first place. But it does happen. Often all we feel like doing at these times is curling up in bed, or sitting in front of the TV to enjoy some comfort food. The last thing we might feel like doing is getting up and exercising, yet often exercising can be just what we need to help wipe those blues away.

When we exercise there are several things that take place within us that actively lifts our moods and makes us feel happier.

Firstly we experience a rush of happy hormones including serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. In fact dopamine starts to be released within minutes of getting our heart rate up and it is primarily responsible for making you feel positive and happy!

Secondly exercise works to energise you. This might sound strange, because you need to use energy to be active, however when you are feeling blue, the energy rush you can get from getting up and doing 20+ minutes of exercise can be just what you need to lift you up out of the dumps.

Thirdly exercising gives us a sense of accomplishment, which only helps with that ‘feel good’ feeling. Instead of lazing about doing nothing (and possibly binging on junk food), you opted to get up and do something proactive to distract yourself. Go you!

So next time you are feeling blue, and can’t quite put your finger on why, try getting up and being active (preferably outside where you get the added benefit of fresh air!), you might be surprised by the difference it makes!

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