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The importance of using different types of exercise

The importance of using different types of exercise

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals might be, whether it is to trim down, tone up, or work on building strength or endurance, the best way to achieve your goals is to plan a weekly workout schedule that incorporates a variety of different types of exercises.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be mixing it up!

Prevent Injury Or Burnout

Overworking specific muscle groups can lead to damage in the muscles, ligaments, joint or all three! The reason why you experience pain and aches in your muscles after a workout is because the actual fibres of the muscles have been stressed and damaged. So mixing it up will mean you can continue to keep you body active and healthy, without overusing specific muscles to help prevent injury or burnout.

Get Your Whole Body Into It!

By mixing up your exercise regime to incorporate different forms of exercise, you are actually working on building different skills as well as different muscle groups. Even though you might have a specific target you are focusing on, having an overall healthy, toned body is always a plus!

Don’t Plateau Your Progression

It doesn’t matter what exercise you are doing, whether you are doing deadlifts, or running long distance, there comes a point where you will plateau in your progress if you are not mixing your workout up with different forms of exercise. That is because your body adjusts to what it is doing. By mixing it up you will continue to challenge yourself to achieve even more.

Variety Is Fun!

No one wants their workouts to get boring. By doing the same thing all the time you are more likely to become bored and lose motivation. By participating in different exercises you are not only stimulating your brain in different ways and challenging different parts of your body, you are also likely to meet different people and get the opportunity to exercise in different locations!

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