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Transform stress into success

Transform stress into success

Stress is something we all experience at different times in our lives, sometimes on a weekly or even daily basis! Too much stress can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. But sometimes, when approached with the right attitude, stress can be turned into a great motivator for success!

Every day stress, such as work responsibilities or family responsibilities are quite common place, but how you deal with them is very much up to you! You can either let the stresses build up and weigh you down, or you can use them as stepping stones to help you get where you want to be in life.

Stress in and of itself causes a kind of energy within us, both physically and mentally. When experienced in large doses, or when not handled well, stress can have a negative impact on our health and lives in general. However if we learn to compartmentalise and step back from the experience of stress we can try to harness this energy and use it to motivate us towards success.

How does this work? Well, firstly one of the most important factors is acceptance. Sometimes life is stressful, it is a fact. Learning to accept the things that we cannot change ultimately empowers us to be stronger. If we accept that we are not going to get everything we wanted done in one day and choose to continue on in a mindful way regardless, we are going to have a more satisfying day.

Then there is the importance of recognising the things that we can change and implementing ways in which we can reduce stress or make our lives easier. Sometimes this might just mean changing the way we feel/think or react to specific situations, or saying ‘no’, or asking for a helping hand. Because I am sure you have experienced how easy it is to become overwhelmed during a stressful situation instead of calmly approaching it? I know I have! This is why practices such as meditation are so beneficial to our health and wellbeing, because they help us re-evaluate how we might react to a stressful situation, by cultivating mindfulness and relaxation.

Finally we use the added stress of a deadline, or pressure to achieve, to help motivate us onwards. First we recognise and accept what cannot be helped, secondly we recognise ways we can make it easier and thirdly use this pressure to drive us forwards in the direction we wish to be heading!

Knowing something needs to be done, or wanting to accomplish a goal is great motivation. So feeling a little stress and pressure to achieve it can be useful for keeping you focused on the task at hand!

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