5 fat burning foods to maximum your results - Emily Skye

5 fat burning foods to maximum your results

5 fat burning foods to maximum your results

If you are working out hard, in order to burn fat and tone up, then you are going to need to be fuelling your body with good foods so that you have the energy you need. So isn’t it great to know that there are actually foods + spices that will help you trim down AND energise your workouts!?

Try adding these 5 foods to your diet to help you achieve your fat burning goals!

Turmeric - Turmeric, a common yellow spice found in many Asian dishes, is a natural thermogenic. This means that is actually works to increase the metabolism, by raising the body temperature slightly, meaning that you burn more energy (fat) faster! Not only that, turmeric has been shown to help lower LDL (also known as ‘bad’) cholesterol levels, and has many other health benefits. So try adding some turmeric to your eggs, curries or soups for that extra boost!

Grapefruit - We have all seen the character in a movie being forced to eat grapefruit for breakfast as a means of becoming healthier and actually there is a lot of truth to it. Half a grapefruit wouldn’t be enough to keep me going through my morning, however as an accompaniment for a more substantial breakfast, grapefruits can actually help you burn fat! They contain an antioxidant, called naringenin that assists the body to use insulin more efficiently. This helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check as well as improving your calorie burn! So maybe a grapefruit in the morning isn’t such a bad idea!

Chilli - The capsaicin found in all your favourite chilli’s, including cayenne pepper, doesn’t just heat your mouth, it heats your whole body. The result? An efficient thermogenic that research indicates can increase your metabolism by a whopping 25% for up to 3 hours after eating it!

Green Tea - I have mentioned it before, because this is a real go to tea for health and calorie burning! Green tea contains epigallocatechin which actually works to stimulate your nervous system without increasing your heart rate. So you have the energy, burn those calories, yet don’t put pressure on your heart!

Cinnamon - Another spice that is not to be dismissed is cinnamon. The active compound in cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, helps to regulate insulin levels in the body by increasing the metabolism of glucose, which means that it helps reduce the storage of fat in the body. It also lowers LDL cholesterol and is an excellent source of manganese. The other great thing about this spice is that it is so diverse and can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury dishes, including smoothies, porridge, curries and stir-fries!

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