Which foods actually make you happier? - Emily Skye

Which foods actually make you happier?

Which foods actually make you happier?

Food is a wonderful thing. It provides us with the fuel we need to move about, the building blocks to build, repair and grow as well as supporting the many different systems of our body. But did you know that what you eat could be altering the way you feel!?

It is probably no big surprise that junk food is the number 1 food culprit when it comes to sabotaging your mood. Sure, it might seem like a good idea at the time, but highly processed foods that are high in saturated fats and processed sugars do more than make you feel a bit bloated and yucky, it has actually been linked to causing depression and anxiety.

Try these different foods for their varying mood boosting properties:

  • Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium which is a mineral that is often depleted in people who are feeling low or depressed.
  • Cocoa (Yep, another reason to enjoy a nice hot-chocolate) is rich in polyphenol, which has also been linked to reducing the blues.
  • Salmon, beans, eggs, chicken and turkey are all rich in tryptophan which helps boost your mood.
  • Natural yogurt and other dairy foods that are high in calcium help increase tryptophan and serotonin levels, which are what you need to feel positive and happy!
  • Lentils and kale are both great sources of folic acid, something that is often depleted in people who suffer from depression.
  • Plus any food that you really enjoy the taste of, because they release endorphins into your body, so a little bit of what you love is actually good for you!

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