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How to combat comfort eating

How to combat comfort eating

After a long, emotional day nothing seems more inviting than a fridge or cupboard that is packed full of possibilities. The problem is that a comfort snack can often get out of hand and become comfort ‘snacks’ and if you are just lying around watching TV then you really don’t need all those extra calories. Also did you know that a sugar spike is actually addictive? If you enjoy a block of chocolate one evening, chances are you will start craving sugar at the same time the following evening.

Here are some simple things you can do to help combat the cravings:

  • Don’t buy it - If you don’t have it, you can’t eat it! So try to avoid buying those unhealthy snack foods. Otherwise temptation will likely get the better of you.
  • Get your heart rate up - Eating foods that you love actually provides you with a rush of endorphins which is part of why it is so comforting. However the same chemicals are stimulated by doing a quick workout and getting your heart rate up, so next time you feel like comfort eating, try some comfort squats instead!
  • Healthy low GI options - There is a big difference between snacking because you are hungry and need the fuel, or snacking because you want comfort. Having healthy, low GI snack options available will help you make better choices, and will be more likely to fill you and leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Distract yourself - If you know you are prone to comfort eating and at particular times, then find ways in which to distract yourself. If you often eat snacks whilst relaxing in front of the T.V try taking up origami or another relaxing practice that will distract your hands. Or organise to fill your day up more, so that there is less time for you to sit around wanting comfort foods.
  • Practice mindfulness - It is funny how automatic walking to the fridge can be when you are bored or in need of a little comfort. Practicing mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, helps you become more aware of these habits and cravings, so that we can reflect on what is making us feel that way and make better choices.

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