How to burn fat without burning your health - Emily Skye

How to burn fat without burning your health

How to burn fat without burning your health

Having a fitness goal and setting a deadline can be really motivating to keep you on track to success, however sometime deadlines cause us to become so focused on achieving our goals that we start to neglect our general health.

Often fitness goals involve a combination of both diet and exercise regimes, both of which are fantastic ways of burning fat, toning up and increasing muscles strength and endurance. The problem lies when we take either of these too far and neglect to feed our bodies with enough fuel, or don’t allow our muscles to rest and heal after intensive workouts.

So here are a few pointers to check to make sure that you are not neglecting your health in pursuit of your fitness goals:

  • Feed yourself enough fuel - When trying to slim down, perhaps to fit into a special dress, or for a beach holiday you have planned, then cutting down your calorie dense foods will help. But the simple fact is that we need food to survive. We need the materials to build and repair new cells (including muscles cells!) and we also need the energy to sustain us through our workouts, as well as our general daily activities. So instead of starving yourself, opt for healthy options and only reduce the amount you eat in proportion to how active you are. Because without the energy to get up and go, you are going to feel awful and your health will suffer!
  • Incorporate rest days and active recovery - Even though it can be tempting to smash out a daily workout focused on your specific goals, it is really important that you incorporate rest days. This doesn’t mean you have to sit around doing nothing, it simply means you rest a specific area. For example, you might be focusing on toning up your butt for summer and you might have a powerful resistance workout that targets your glutes and thighs. The day after this workout, rest this area, perhaps go for a light jog or swim instead (active recovery). You can use this day to focus on another area of your body for toning.
  • Get the rest you need - Sleep is an important aspect of achieving fitness goals. It is at night time that the majority of your muscle repair takes place! Also being well rested is integral to feeling healthy, happy and having the energy you need to power on with your fitness goals!

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