Good fats' role in weight loss - Emily Skye

Good fats' role in weight loss

Good fats' role in weight loss

If your goal is to burn fat and you are looking at adjusting your diet accordingly, it might seem sensible to cut all fat from your diet right? Wrong! Good fats are not only essential to good health, in moderation they will actually help you achieve your fat burning goals!

Apart from being an undeniably yummy nutrition, good fats are an excellent fuel source and they leave you feeling fuller for longer. So you are less likely to want to eat all the time! But this isn’t why they are so essential from a fat burning perspective.

When you eat more good fats in your diet, you will require fewer carbohydrates to feel full and sated. The plus with this is that carbohydrates tend to spike your insulin levels higher, as opposed to good fats, which helps keep your insulin levels lower overall. Having lower insulin levels, which happens naturally when you reduce your carb intake, encourages your body to turn to fat stores as a means of energy whilst at the same time using the good fats from your diet to fuel your muscles!

If you cut good fats from your diet you will actually negatively impact upon your body's production of adiponectin, which is a protein hormone that plays a key role in modulating your body’s metabolic processes including regulating glucose levels as well as fatty acid oxygenation. This means that you will be less efficient in burning stored fat and also more likely to feel hungry more often!

So having a balanced amount of good fats in your diet is very important, even if your goal is to burn fat!

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