5 exercises to help you lose those love handles - Emily Skye

5 exercises to help you lose those love handles

5 exercises to help you lose those love handles

Toning that muffin-top area can be a little challenging, and I know that for many women, including myself, that is one of the first places that extra weight appears! It is normal for women to have a higher body fat ratio than men, because we have a lower basal fat oxidation rate, which is the measure of fat to fuel in the body when inactive. The reason for this is to potentially feed and protect unborn children. Though when we are not pregnant, most of us would prefer not to be carrying more weight than we need.

The general rule to weight loss is that you cannot specifically target any area; instead you need to work with a balanced diet and regular fitness routine that incorporates plenty of anaerobic exercise. However toning a specific area IS possible, and by using this following workout, that incorporates 5 exercises, you can both shed unwanted fat AND work on toning your waist!

For this work try to complete 5-8 rounds with as little rest in between as possible!

  • Side Plank Hip Lifts x 10 on each side * Note: Keep your whole core engaged and try not to let your hips drop too low in between each rep.
  • Sit Throughs x 20 reps * Note: Try to keep this movement dynamic and flowing, really stretching through your core, hips and legs.
  • Russian Twists x 20 * Note: For an extra kick, try keeping your feet up off the ground so that you are focusing on balance as well as twisting.
  • Box Jumps x 10 * Note: Keeping this movement dynamic yet controlled.
  • Bicycle Crunches x 20 * Note: Reaching with your opposite shoulder towards your knee, not elbow to knee, keeping your shoulders aligned with each other.

If you would like to watch videos of me demonstrating these exercises you can catch them on my Facebook page!

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