Skip yourself slim! - Emily Skye

Skip yourself slim!

Skip yourself slim!

Do you remember lining up to use the skipping rope in school? Learning all the fun rhymes that went with it and trying to master things like the double rope skip, or seeing how many people you could skip the same rope? As a kid it doesn’t really seem like exercise, because you are too busy having fun. However skipping, or jump rope, is one of the most effective calorie burning exercises you can do! This is what makes it such an important aspect in many HIIT classes.

Some of the many benefits of jump rope include:

  • It is an extremely effective way of burning calories and can actually burn more calories than running!
  • Tones the muscles of your lower body, including your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, the muscles of your core and also engages the muscles of your biceps, triceps and forearms!
  • It is more gentle on your joints than running/jogging.
  • Can be done inside or outside!
  • Costs less than $20 for a good quality rope
  • Can fit into most bags, so it is very portable and can be taken with you everywhere.
  • As you progress, your styling can progress too. Styles include: Cross over, alternating legs, double jumps, high knees and run skips.
  • Is fun for everyone - Why not get a group of you gal-pals together and reminisce about the good old days, with a long rope skipping session. It can be great fun!

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