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How to get better results from your cardio training

How to get better results from your cardio training

Getting your cardio in on a weekly basis, if not daily, is a great way to keep healthy, fit and on track towards achieving your fitness goals. The problem is that many people start to lose the motivation they need to really push themselves so that they get the most out of their workout. It is one thing to say you spend half an hour on the treadmill, but were you sweating? Did you do interval sprints? Was your heart rate up? How was your technique?

Here are a few tips I have for helping keep myself motivated AND tracking my progress so that I stay accountable and gain the most from my cardio training.

Get Yourself Pumped!

  • Remind yourself what you are working towards before each workout. Whether it be a specific goal, or to keep yourself looking and feeling great!
  • Use a motivational workout playlist to really get you in the mood. Try to aim for something upbeat so that you can keep pace with the rhythm and won’t start slacking off half way through.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment to make your workout as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For example, the right footwear! -The more comfortable you are when running, the harder you will push yourself and the more you will get from it!
  • Find a workout buddy with similar goals as you to workout with. They can help keep you accountable, plus provide a little healthy competition to keep you pushing yourself harder.

Keep Yourself Accountable!

  • Make use of one of the many apps available to help track your progress. Log in the times and types of exercise you did each day and as well as any other relevant details. This will really help you keep track of your progress as well as enable you to assess any areas that might need a little extra work.
  • Have a ‘no excuses’ policy. It is so easy to fall into the habit of ‘Oh just this time I won’t’, but then before you know it you are skipping out on more than half of your planned workout time. Unless there is a real reason to pass on your workout (eg family crisis or poor health), then do it! You will feel better for it afterwards, trust me!
  • Book in some classes, or roster workout times each week with some friends, to give you that extra push to achieve. Remember you don’t always get what you wish for but you WILL get what you work for!

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