5 steps to glorious glutes! - Emily Skye

5 steps to glorious glutes!

5 steps to glorious glutes!

Wanting to carve yourself a sexy feminine backside to be proud of? Well you won’t get it by just sitting on it! Your gluteal muscles, which include your gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius, are powerful muscles that are responsible for both the movement of your hips and legs, as well as spinal control. Working on these muscles will not only improve your strength and posture, they will also give your body that sexy feminine shape.

Move it to tone it! Burning off any extra jiggle or sag in this area will require you to move. Jogging, cycling, bike riding, swimming, high energy dancing and HIIT are all fantastic ways to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Try to incorporate a minimum of half an hour of this type of exercise into each day to help you achieve your booty goals!

Work it to build it! If you want to build a nice round backside, you need to work those muscles, and hard!

  • Squat - Go wide with your legs so that you take the workout away from your quads and into your butt. Try single leg squats to really work your glutes!
  • Lunge - Add weights to your lunges to really increase the butt work out! Try to mix your lunging up with side lunges, curtsy lunges as well as slow lunging.
  • Box jump/step ups - Whether you are stepping up, or jumping up, get as much height as you can safely use. The higher you jump/step, the more engaged your quads become. Try single leg step ups and leg raises to really work those glutes.
  • Bridge - Doing weighted bridge lifts, single leg lifts and any other combination of hip raises in this basic bridge position will not only help you build on those glute muscles, it will also help ensure that you are balancing your hip area by working the muscles in the front too!

Feed it right! As with any body sculpting goal, you need to feed your body right to achieve the results you are after. In this case you are working to build muscle and burn fat. So avoid foods that are high in processed sugars and saturated fats and only consume simple carbs in moderation. Feed yourself plenty of healthy protein sources, such as lean meats, eggs, tempeh, nuts and seeds, and make sure you eat fresh vegetables on a daily basis!

Love it! We all come in different shapes and sizes and recognising this as a fact, and loving what you have, will help you achieve YOUR perfect booty!

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