Prep your meals weeks in advance and save big bucks! - Emily Skye

Prep your meals weeks in advance and save big bucks!

Prep your meals weeks in advance and save big bucks!

Are you one of those people that only gets the time to go shopping once a week, if that, and come the end of the week your veggie draw is looking depleted, or wilted? At these times you find that you end up skipping the fresh foods that you would normally opt for and instead reaching for the carb dense processed foods that can survive that time frame.

Well a girlfriend of mine let me in on a little secret of hers that ensures that she can continue to only do her shopping once a week or so, but still gain all the goodness of fresh meals! Plus it saves her time and money because her meals are pre-planned and none of her vegetables go to waste!

She is quite organised and suggested that her secret only works so well for her because she pre-plans what her meals will be for the following week. They don’t have to be eaten on specific days, however knowing what kinds of meals she will be making, helps her plan ahead when she goes and does her big shop.

Then she goes out shopping on her day off and purchases all the vegetables and meats that she will be using. When she goes home she washes everything, chops it all up and organises it into meals and portion sizes. Then she puts it into reusable sealable bags or containers and places the ones she will be eating in the next few days in the fridge, and the ones she will be using later, in the freezer ready to be cooked when needed.

What I love about this idea is that not only does it save time and prevent food wastage; it will also prevent making poor food choices, because everything has been pre-planned ahead of time. This means that when hunger strikes, you have a convenient meal waiting to be cooked!

I think I am going to start doing this too!

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