Curve your calves - Emily Skye

Curve your calves

Curve your calves

Having shapely calf muscles looks amazing when you are out in your favourite heels, yet our calf muscles are not always our focus point when we work out. Often we are favouring our core, our butt and thighs or our arms! Yet there are loads of great exercise techniques that really help tone and shape out lower legs so that they look amazing in heels or flip flops!

Jump Rope - Slipping is a simple exercise that not only burns calories fast; it also tones your calves! Try mixing up your skipping techniques and using single legs, crossovers, high knees, double jumps and running skips.

Stair Runs - Stair runs are a fantastic calf workout, and if you run enough you are bound to feel your calves burn! Make sure you run both up and down the stairs to ensure you work the calf and shin muscle.

Step Ups - Step ups are another great exercise that works into those calf muscles. Try incorporating a toe raise from the base position to help give your calves that extra workout.

Tuck Jumps - Tuck jumps are an excellent exercise that will get your heart pumping and your whole body working, but they also really focus into your calf muscles, helping you strengthen and tone them.

Cycling/ Bike Riding - Whether you go to a spin class, or your take your bike off road for some sightseeing, cycling is a great workout for your calf muscles!

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