Getting yourself ready for beach season - Emily Skye

Getting yourself ready for beach season

Getting yourself ready for beach season

Unless you work in the fitness industry (and even maybe then!) it is not uncommon to put on a few extra pounds during the winter months. It is colder, we tend to be outside less, and hungry more often. Plus we are wearing more clothing which tends to hide the extra bulge! Part of this comes from the human conditioning that dates back to the time of cavemen, when the sudden drop in temperature actually triggered a survival mode that encouraged us to want to eat more. This still happens today, however with central heating, and an abundance of food... It just isn’t necessary!

So the reason many of us gain a little extra weight around winter is partly nature's way of protecting our body, but it also comes down to falling into bad habits.

How to avoid the winter bulge:

  1. You don’t actually need to eat more, so try to not let yourself fall into the habit of grabbing a second helping just because it’s warming your belly, and your belly is hidden under a nice woolen jumper!
  2. Get out and about even though it is cold! Depending on where you live and just how cold it gets, you might have to adjust your normal weekly workout routines, however sitting around on the couch is not a good substitute for working out. Ever. So incorporate more HIIT workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home, or go to some classes at the gym.
  3. Keep your food choices in check. When summer moves on, salads and BBQ’s become less appealing and often people opt for creamier, starchier foods. Be aware of what you are choosing as your regular meals and remember that you can eat delicious healthy meals that still warm your tummy, like soups and stews!
  4. Love yourself! Okay, so having said all this it is still important to love yourself and the weekly, monthly and annual changes your body experiences. Just remember, all those extra kilos will have to be worked off again come summer, so keep yourself accountable!

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