Great posture, great health! - Emily Skye

Great posture, great health!

Great posture, great health!

Did you ever have your mother, teacher or adult friend tell you to sit up straight when you were a kid? Or to stop slouching? You may have rolled your eyes at the time but the truth is they really did have your best interests at heart!

So why is good posture good for your health and wellbeing?

  • Improves digestion - Having your abdominal area open and not compressed due to slouching, enables food to be more efficiently digested.
  • Makes you more stable on your feet - Good posture supports all the muscles and joints of your body, which in turn help with balance and coordination.
  • Encourages healthier breathing - When we stand upright, with our shoulders back slightly, our chest is naturally opened and our abdomen is relaxed. This encourages slower, deeper breathing which is a more effective way of breathing.
  • Supports good circulation - As with the digestive system, the circulatory system is more effective when it is upright and not being compressed.
  • Helps keep your spine and nerves healthy and supported - Your spine, which protects your spinal cord, is made up 33 vertebrae. By having good posture you are ensuring they are positioned correctly and applying the appropriate amount of pressure on the ones they connect with. This helps protect your spinal cord.
  • Makes you look more confident - There is no doubt that a person with good posture will look more confident than a person who is slouching. This makes sense when you consider that when feeling unhappy the common response is to slouch.
  • Is a more flattering to your appearance - Slouching tends to curve our chest inwards and poke our belly’s out! Good posture has our feminine figure looking its best, you don’t see many models posing in a slouch!
  • Gives you a more positive mind-frame - Having a good posture helps put us into a confident and positive mind-frame, for all of the reasons mentioned above.

So give some thought to how you are sitting or standing, try to stand up straight, with your shoulders back (yet relaxed) so that your chest is open. Because healthy posture will help support a healthy you!

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