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The power of pilates

The power of pilates

If you are looking for a practice that can both increase your flexibility and really strengthen and tone your body, than Pilates is probably just what you are looking for. Combining the body awareness and focus of yoga, with its centred approach to movement and form, plus the use of resistance bands and other props to increase the muscles toning, Pilates will help you tone your whole body whilst encouraging movement and flexibility

It can be practiced as both an aerobic or non-aerobic form of exercise and was originally introduced as a way to rehabilitate athletes after injury. It has since been adapted to suit everyone as a means of strengthening and encouraging great muscular and skeletal health!

What can you gain from incorporating Pilates into your week?

  • Overall toning - Though Pilates focuses predominantly on your core muscles (especially your abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks), It also works on toning the muscles of your shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Improved flexibility - This is a focus that sets Pilates apart from many other resistance training forms of exercise
  • Increased body awareness - One of the key aspects of Pilates is core engagement, and your instructor will continue to bring your awareness back to this. This helps increase body awareness as well as improve posture.
  • Stress management and relaxation - One of the yoga like qualities it does bring is its focused relaxation which is very beneficial to stress management.

If you are an avid gym junkie, or are used to resistance training, then don’t dismiss Pilates as being too easy for you. Depending on your instructor, Pilates usually offers different ‘levels’ of challenge for each of the different exercises, guaranteeing to challenge you in new ways!

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