Liquid calories - the fat burning saboteur! - Emily Skye

Liquid calories - the fat burning saboteur!

Liquid calories - the fat burning saboteur!

It can be all too easy to fall prey to the sneaky saboteur’s of liquid calories, when you are consciously trying to burn fat. I mean, you can be exercising regularly, eating moderately healthy meals, but we all enjoy a refreshing beverage, and they can’t be so bad can they? Well actually they can. Not only do many drinks offer a powerful calorie hit that will be stored as extra fat if not used, they are often packed full of preservatives or chemically enhanced which is a no- no if you are trying to be healthy.

So what is a good hydration options and which ones should we avoid?

Calorie Overloads

Fruit Juices - Fruit juices are one of the biggest liquid calorie culprits, because fruit is healthy right? Well yes and no. Fresh fruit should be part of your balanced diet because they offer many essential nutrients that are important for good health. However fruit juices are high in simple carbs, i.e. Sugar! Even if you are opting for a fruit juice that has no added sugar, the fruit itself is very high in sugar and unless you are about to work it off, those extra calories will end up being stored on your body!

Hot Drinks - Enjoy a hot chocolate, or a latte with full cream milk and two sugars? Unfortunately, even though we don’t have to chew them, they are still very high in calories and will all impact upon your fat busting goals! Moderation ladies! And perhaps opting for some healthier options of your favourite drink? (Try it without sugar, or with skim milk)

Alcohol - As tempting as it is to reward ourselves for all our hard work at the end of the day with a nice glass of wine, it is important to remember that even though they might not seem sweet, alcohol itself is very high in calories and if you are drinking in the evening time, you are probably not going to be using those extra calories, which means you will end up storing them somewhere on your body!

Diet Drinks - Diet drinks, especially soda, usually contain high levels of chemically enhanced sweeteners so that you still get that sweet taste you crave. So I like to avoid these as much as possible. In fact studies have recently shown that they can still be contributing to weight gain. So if you need your diet drink, just remember the important word here… Moderation!

Healthier Options

Juices - All juices are high in calories, however vegetable juices are much less calorie dense than fruit juices, and if you mix them with water (say 30:70 juice to water) you are getting a nutritious beverage that will also keep you hydrated!

Hot Drinks - There are plenty of hot drink options that are completely calorie free, such as green teas and herbal teas. What to look out for is adding sweeteners or milk to your tea!

Alcohol - Alcohol itself is relatively high in calories, containing 7 calories per gram, so opting for a light beer over a full strength beer will help curb the calories, but let’s not kid ourselves, beer is full of calories! If you are heading out with friends and you want to enjoy a relaxing drink, without worrying about how many burpees it will take to burn it off then your best options are a spirit such as vodka, with soda water and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Diet Drinks - If you really enjoy your fizzy drinks, and the idea of mineral water and a lemon slice doesn’t appeal (though you should try this, it is delicious and refreshing!) then the occasional diet drink may hit your pleasure buttons. Just remember that they are usually filled with chemicals, and should only be enjoyed in moderation!

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