5 tips to supercharge your performance - naturally! - Emily Skye

5 tips to supercharge your performance - naturally!

5 tips to supercharge your performance - naturally!

Energy is something we all crave in our lives… It is why many of us reach for our coffee first thing, or crave an energy drink to get us through to the end of the day. Yet not all of us like relying on stimulants to help give us that get up and go we need to power through our day.

Here are 5 tips I use to help supercharge my day naturally!

Regulate your sleeping patterns - It is amazing how well your body responds to routine. If you are waking up feeling tired, or getting sleeping half way through your day, it is important to take a look at your sleeping patterns and figure out if some adjustments are in order. Most adults need between 7-9 hours’ sleep. Any more or less than this can result in lethargy throughout your day. Setting a regular bedtime, and having an alarm set for the morning, will help regulate your body’s internal clock so that you will naturally start to wake up at the right time. When you can train your body to wake up at the right time without the assistance of an alarm, you will notice that you wake up feeling much more refreshed and ready for your day ahead!

Eat less, more often - Overfeeding your body is a sure way of putting your energy levels out of whack. Your body has to struggle to digest the large meal and focuses much of its energy into this process, leaving you feeling like lounging around and not doing anything in particular. So instead of eating 3 large meals a day (which is something we are lead to believe is the healthy way of eating!?), try eating 3 smaller meals a day with two energising healthy snack meals in between!

Eat healthy and clean - Your diet really does play a huge role in how you feel energetically. If you are opting for highly processed foods rich in sugars, simple carbs and fats, then you are likely to have less energy and brainpower throughout your day. Opt for fresh foods and lean protein sources to give you the power boosting nutrients you need to power on! If you do notice that you are struggling to find the energy you need to get you through each day, then avoid alcohol and stimulants such as chocolate and caffeine later in the day/evening as this can impact on your sleep and how you will feel the next day.

Start off on the right foot - How you start your day off goes a long way to determining how your day will progress. For example, if you wake up feeling a little cranky, and you allow this mood to linger, then you might find it has a negative impact on your whole day. I like to start my day with getting my body moving before breakfast. Even if this is just doing 10 laps of the pool, or a 10 minutes cardio kick-start workout. This gets my body pumped full of endorphins, and kick starts my digestive system so I am ready to tackle anything my day has in store for me!

Keep moving - Have you ever noticed how lazing around all day actually leaves you feeling tired? So does sitting in front of the computer! Try to incorporate some physical activities into your day to keep your blood circulating loads of fresh oxygen around your body and your energy levels up. If you don’t have time for a workout, try to go for a short walk to have your lunch, use the stairs when possible and basically keep as active as you can during your day! Because the more you move, the more energy your body will generate!

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