10 reasons you should be eating cucumbers! - Emily Skye

10 reasons you should be eating cucumbers!

10 reasons you should be eating cucumbers!

Getting several serves of vegetables a day is an important part of any healthy balanced diet. Fresh veggies? Even better! - And cucumbers are one of my favourites, especially in the hotter months of the year. They are so diverse, working well in salads, juices, in sandwiches and even as dipping sticks with your favourite dip!

But it isn’t just their refreshing light flavour or crunchy texture that draws me to them, cucumbers are also packed full of nutritional goodness.

Here are 10 reasons why cucumbers should be part of your daily diet:

  1. Packed full of nutrients - Even though cucumbers contain no protein or fats (which is why they are so low in calories) they do contain high amounts of vitamin K, as well as containing vitamin C, magnesium, manganese and potassium.
  2. Very low in calories - Despite being rich in nutrients, cucumbers are incredibly low in calories, averaging about 16 calories per cup. This means that you can be enjoying your cucumber salad with little concern about it adding more work for you later on!
  3. Reduces and prevents headaches - One of the leading contributors to headaches and migraines is dehydration as well as low levels of magnesium in the body. Cucumbers both contain magnesium and have a high water concentrate which makes them a natural headache reliever. Plus putting some cold cucumber slices over your closed eyelids helps sooth away those tension headaches!
  4. Fights against cancer cells - Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants, and contain both anti-inflammatory properties. They also convert and bind the different hormones in the body that contribute to the cause of estrogen related cancers.
  5. Helps detoxify the body - Cucumber's high water content make them a natural diuretic, and contain both silicon and sulfur which supports your kidneys in removing uric acid from the body as well as assisting in flushing out other toxins.
  6. Works to alkalize the blood - Cucumbers are considered among the top alkaline foods, which means they help to balance the body by counteracting the effects of an acidic diet and balancing your pH levels.
  7. Improves digestion - With their high water content and electrolytes levels, cucumbers help to cleanse the digestive system and keep everything flowing through nicely! They are also high in lignans which support the good bacteria we need in our digestive tract.
  8. Promotes a healthy heart - Cucumbers contain lignans which have both immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties that help support the cardiovascular system, by reducing bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and lowering blood pressure.
  9. Support bone health - As I mentioned before, cucumbers are high in vitamin K, which is essential in maintaining healthy and strong bones. It is a fat soluble vitamin that works alongside calcium and magnesium to preserve bone density. Heard about how calcium is important for strong bones? Well vitamin K is even more important!
  10. Reduces Bloating - Another reason why I love cucumbers so much is that they aid the good bacteria in the digestive tract and their anti-inflammatory properties work on a cellular level. This means that they help prevent, or counteract, the effects of bloating!

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