5 fun classes that will add spice to your usual routine - Emily Skye

5 fun classes that will add spice to your usual routine

5 fun classes that will add spice to your usual routine

Having your regular workout routine is great, but every now and then it is nice to spice things up a little with something else that is equally as physically beneficial, yet also a bit different and great fun to try.

So why not try one of these classes out for something new!

  1. Bungee HIIT class - This is a relatively new form of workout class that involves being strapped into a harness and bungee cord that is suspended from the ceiling. The classes involve rapid movement against the elastic of the bungee that result in a high intensity cardio workout that is both different to what you might be used to and a whole lot of fun!
  2. Ropes Gone Wild - This class involves continual rapid and changing movements of large heavy ropes that will have every muscle in your body working hard! A great all over body toning class!
  3. Pole Dancing - Ladies, there is a lot of strength and skill involved in this activity, and it’s not all about looking fabulous for your partner (though let’s be honest, it is kind of saucy being able to pull off a good pole dance!) Pole dancing works at strengthening your whole body, whilst also encouraging flexibility and balance. It is also great fun to go try out with your gal pals at a studio near you.
  4. Bachata - All kinds of dance are fantastic ways of keeping yourself fit and supple, however I feel bachata gets a special mention here because this Dominican Republic style dance is now used worldwide and can be adapted to all kinds of music!
  5. Hot Yoga - This style of yoga will definitely add some spice to your normal routine, or at least some heat! Working through a series of yoga postures in a temperature of up to 40c and 40% humidity (depending on the style of yoga and the studio you are practicing in) your body will be sweating and limbering up.

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