5 of the best exercises to combat cellulite - Emily Skye

5 of the best exercises to combat cellulite

5 of the best exercises to combat cellulite

Cellulite is a word that most women dread, however it is something that most of us experience! It doesn’t matter if you are slim built or curvy, cellulite can occur on anyone! So how do you combat it? Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid cellulite. This means exercising regularly, eating wholesome fresh foods in a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep each night and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

However another really way great way to combat cellulite is to work at toning your problem areas! The more toned the area, the less loose skin there is and that means it is harder for cellulite to form or remain!

So try these 5 exercises that focus on the most common problem areas when it comes to cellulite, and helps tone your body up so that you look and feel fantastic!

Squat and side leg lift

Equipment: No equipment required for this one. You can amp up your cellulite squashing technique with some ankle weights and/or some dumbbells held at your side.

Target areas: Hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, abductors and hip flexors. - This practice gives you a nice strong workout on all the major areas of the legs and buttocks, where cellulite often forms.

Technique: Try to squat slowly and as low as possible, hold this final position for a moment before slowly raising. Raise one leg out to the side, keeping it nice and straight with your feet flexed, and raise as high as is comfortable to the side whilst keeping your hips facing forwards. Lower, then move back into the squat before repeating on the other side for one complete round.

One legged lunge

Equipment: This is best done with a sturdy chair (or some stable surface about chair height) or suspended straps (TRX).

Target areas: Glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps - A really good practice to target that butt area.

Technique: Stand about 2 feet in front of the chair and then bend one knee, resting the top of your foot on the chair. Using this leg to stabilize you, slowly lunge forward on the opposite leg then back up to starting position. Continue for set reps then repeat on the opposite side.

All fours kickback

Equipment: Though you don’t need equipment for this exercise, ankle weights or resistance bands will enhance your workout, which means more bum toning ability!

Target areas: Glutes, quadriceps - This one really targets the butt and around to the fronts of the thighs which are common areas for cellulite to form.
Technique: Standing on all fours (as the name suggests), bring your elbows with your forearms stretched out in front along the floor, and on your knees. Have your elbows aligned with your shoulders, knees with your hips. From this starting position, lift one knee up off the ground and keeping your knee bent, stretch your leg so your foot curls up towards your bottom. Squeeze into this position then slowly lower back down. Repeat for set reps then practice on the other side.

Curtsy Lunge

Equipment: No equipment required, though as with the squat and side leg lift, this practice can be enhanced with the use of dumbbells held at your sides.

Target areas: Quadriceps, adductors, glutes - This practice really works into the inner and outer thighs.
Technique: Start standing with your feet hip width apart and your hands resting on your hips, or holding your weights at your side. Step back and to the side slightly with your right leg (trying to step back as far as is comfortable) and then slowly lunge down into this position before slowly raising back up again, bringing your foot back onto the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

V Leg-pull

Equipment: Resistance band

Target areas: Outer thighs - This is a common area for cellulite on woman, so toning and strengthening this area will help reduce and prevent cellulite from occurring.
Technique: Lie on your back and loosely tie your resistance band around your ankles so that it is taught when they are only a foot apart. Extend your legs up towards the ceiling and then slowly separate your feet as far apart as possible, before slowly returning back together. Repeat.

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