Tips to help carve those curves - Emily Skye

Tips to help carve those curves

Tips to help carve those curves

Fortunately society has moved beyond the idea that women should be skinny enough that our clothes hang from our bodies like coat hangers, and we now embrace the fact that women are naturally curvier than men… And that this is a good thing!

We are no longer encouraged to starve ourselves in order to fit into media’s portrayal of ‘the ideal female body’, instead we as a society have moved into a healthier and more realistic understanding that women come in all different shapes and sizes!

All women are beautiful and by working to enhance your natural curves through a healthy diet and regular exercise you will not only enhance your physical appearance, but you will also enhance how you feel in yourself. At the end of the day this is really all that matters, that you are happy with you!

So how do we go about carving our curves and enhancing our own natural feminine beauty?

  • Eat regularly and opt for healthy - It is important to understand that we eat food for a reason; we need energy to function both internally and externally. Without it we will not only suffer on a physical level, we will also find that our cognitive abilities and emotional well being will suffer as well. Try to find a balanced diet full of fresh foods that works for you. If you are regularly exercising and very active, you might need more foods, if you find you gain weight very easily, you might need to either increase your exercise or reduce your meal sizes. Just adapt to find the balance that works best for you!
  • Keep moving - Being active isn’t just good for your body, it helps your mind stay fresh and active as well. Incorporate as many different forms of physical activities into your week as you can/enjoy. Such as walking, riding, swimming, yoga, Pilates, jogging, martial arts, dancing, gym workout sessions... Basically anything that gets your body up and moving!
  • Use exercises that enhance your natural curves - Incorporate exercises into your workout that really work on strengthening the muscles of your hips, buttocks, and thighs to help enhance your natural feminine beauty! Some examples of good exercises include: plank with leg kicks, side plank with leg raise, twisting v-ups, deadlifts, weighted squats and box jumps.

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