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How to balance out weight fluctuation

How to balance out weight fluctuation

Being female can be frustrating when it comes to fluctuations in weight. We have so much going on internally over the span of a month with our hormonal changes that other issues such as bloating and general weight gain or loss just add to the challenge of staying the same dress size!

Here are some tips to help you balance out the constant weight fluctuation that so often comes with being female.

  1. Get to know your body - Pay attention to your body and learn what works for you and what simply doesn’t. Some foods may react with your digestive system causing gas and bloating, whilst others might make you a little more prone to weight gain. Everyone is a little different and what affects you might not be the same as what affects another. So try to pay attention to your body, observe how different foods affect you and then consider adjusting your diet accordingly.
  2. Check your salt intake - Salt is one of those things that is found in basically all processed foods and we often add it to others. Sure it adds some great flavour, however salt also causes water retention and can be responsible for some significant increases in your body size. So if water retention is something you experience often, then consider cutting back on your salt in your diet.
  3. Take supplements - Dealing with hormonal changes, as well as digestive complaints, can be made easier when taking specific supplements. For example; probiotics help support a healthy digestive system and reduce bloating and gas. Evening primrose is a supplement that can help reduce the painful bloating that often comes with menstruation.
  4. Drink plenty of water - Keeping hydrated with the right kind of refreshment (H20) will help keep your digestive system moving as well as flush out your kidneys and support liver function. This is all important in regulating and maintaining a healthy weight. It also keeps your digesting system in check, and helps prevent you feeling hungry before you actually need to eat more.
  5. Have a routine and stick to it - General weight gain occurs when the amount of calories we are consuming is greater than the amount we are burning. So make yourself a weekly workout routine and stick with it! Be realistic with what you are able to manage each week and adjust your diet accordingly.
  6. Incorporate relaxation into your days - Stress eating is another culprit that pops up with weight gain, as well as often being a reason we forgo our exercise. So try to incorporate some relaxation into your weekly routine. Whether it just be some alone time to listen to music or read a book, or some more proactive relaxation such as a meditation, a massage or a cooking class, find what works for you and do it! We all need a little TLC on a regular basis!
  7. Plan ahead - If diet is your downfall, and your fast paced life seems to have you constantly reaching for the convenience of a hamburger or chips to fuel your body, then start to think ahead. Buy healthy foods that you can pack and take with you on your busy days, or consider how you can go about buying healthier options when you are out and about.

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