The truth behind building muscle mass - Emily Skye

The truth behind building muscle mass

The truth behind building muscle mass

I have had so many women come to me asking what type of resistance training is appropriate for them, so that they don’t become all bulky and man-like. So I thought I would take the time to write a quick blog to ease all your minds.

Men and women’s differences go much deeper than the obvious physical differences (And no, we are not delving into the mental emotional differences, - that is a whole other kettle of fish! ). On a hormonal level there are some distinct differences that, coupled with the differences in our muscular skeletal systems, makes it very difficult to bulk up like men do. I mean, really difficult. This is part of why I have so much respect for female bodybuilders, as they have to really work hard to earn those bulging biceps!

The key muscle building hormone us women lack in is testosterone. Men have it in ample supply, whilst women on the other hand only have very little. So unless you are supplementing testosterone, you are really going to struggle to bulk up like the hulk.

Because of this, there really are no differences in the types of exercises that women should do compared to men. The only differences lie in what body parts you wish to focus on. Often women want to focus on the areas that naturally gain weight easier, or that will enhance their feminine curves, including hips, thighs, belly and buttocks. Whilst men often focus more on their abs, shoulders and arms (obviously this is not exclusively or relevant to all men/woman!). So for these reasons the focus of workouts might vary, however what works well for men works well for women too!

So ladies don’t shy away from resistance training and don’t feel a need to avoid going for the heavier weights! Working on your lean muscle mass will not only enhance your appearance by giving you a toned and smooth look, it will also leave you stronger and more independent whilst enhancing your body's ability to burn calories!

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