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5 exercises for a sleek and sexy back

5 exercises for a sleek and sexy back

Having a sleek and sexy upper back is a beautiful look (Yes on women too!) , especially in the Summertime when we are wearing dresses, singlets and of course our swim wear. However backs are often overlooked when considering body training and toning, because many women think that working on your upper back muscles means creating excess bulk muscle that will have us looking like the incredible Hulk. Fear not ladies, our basic physiology, as well as our hormones, means that we have to work extremely hard to build up this area, and even then we never quite make Arnie status. By incorporating some resistance training that works on these upper back muscles, you can achieve that sleek toned feminine look that works well on any body type.

The reality is though, that having a strong back is much more important than just looking amazing. The muscles in our back make up an essential part of our core and are responsible for our posture as well as the strength and stability of all core and arm movements. To avoid creating unbalance in our body, it is important to consider the muscles of the back when training our core, and not just focusing on creating chiseled abs! This is to help maintain balance in the entire torso and help prevent injury from over strengthening one area.

So what exercises will help you tone your upper back and give you that sleek sexy look? Try incorporating some of these following exercises into your workouts:

  • Inverted rows
  • Cable face pulls - With external rotations
  • Seated cable rows
  • Straight arm pull downs
  • Close grip lat pull downs
  • Plank - high/low plank and side plank with a tuck under
  • Trap 3 dumbbell raises
  • Single dumbbell rows

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