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Which are the healthiest meat options

Which are the healthiest meat options

Meat is an excellent source of protein and has been a common part of both the eastern and western diet since the dawn of mankind. However when it comes to choosing your meat sources, some provide excellent nutrition, whilst others … well... don’t!

Many meat options these days are highly processed and what you are eating might only vaguely contain what you think you are eating. For example, many frozen chicken nuggets contain so much added chemicals, plus the meat is derived from the offal parts of the chicken itself. Many pre-sliced hams and cold meats are made from highly processed meats that have been glued back together in blocks so they can be sliced for your convenience. Many sausages contain offal and fats and all sorts of things you probably don’t want to know about.

So when it comes to choosing your meats, aim for as unprocessed as possible, to ensure you are getting what you ask for.

Here is a list of some of the more common whole meats, in relation to their protein and fat content:

Chicken breast (skinless): Chicken breast is an excellent protein source because it is one of the highest protein contents with one of the lower fat contents. It contains around 31g of protein per 100g of meat and only 3.6g of fat.

White fish: White fish contain around 24g of protein per 100g and about 8g of fat.

Prawns: An excellent source of protein, at 23g per 100g with less than 0.03g of fat.

Trout: My personal favourite option over salmon, trout contains 27g of protein per 100g and 8g of fat.

Salmon: Salmon contains less protein than trout, with only 20g per 100g and 13g of fat.

Lean pork: Lean pork is also another good protein source, containing 27g of protein per 100g and 14g of fat.

Lean beef: Beef contains about 26g of protein per 100g and 15g of fat.

Lamb: Lamb contains about 25g of protein per 100g but is one of the higher fat contents with 21g of fat.

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