Kayaking - the leisure activity for better health - Emily Skye

Kayaking - the leisure activity for better health

Kayaking - the leisure activity for better health

It doesn’t matter if it is a stunningly sunny day, or it is cloudy with the occasional shower, I will take any excuse I can to get outside and amongst nature. One of my favourite outdoor activities is kayaking, for several reasons. Firstly I love the water and enjoy exploring the many different lakes, rivers and waterways in my local area and of course all around the world! Also because I find it very meditative and relaxing. It doesn’t matter whether I am powering along at top speed, or just lazily floating along and enjoying the sites, there is something very peaceful about being out on the water.

Another great advantage to enjoying kayaking it the awesome workout that comes with it!

Health benefits of Kayaking:

Obviously kayaking is one of those activities that can be done at a very leisurely pace, or with some effort and determination. When you are really getting your body engaged in what you are doing and traveling at speed or over great distance, kayaking has some fantastic health benefits to offer.

  • It improves your cardiovascular fitness
  • Burns through calories
  • It increases lean muscle strength and definition, particularly in the shoulders, back, arms and chest.
  • It also increases strength in both your torso, which is constantly engaged and used to rotate whilst paddling, and your legs, which are also engaged.

Kayaking also has the advantage of being a low impact activity, which means it doesn’t place too much strain on your joints, especially your ankles, knees and hips.

Plus it is a fun activity that you can do on your own, tandem with a friend or with a whole group of people!

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