How plants can purify your home and make it beautiful! - Emily Skye

How plants can purify your home and make it beautiful!

How plants can purify your home and make it beautiful!

Having live plants in your home can really brighten the place up and add a little life to a room, literally! Yet there are many more reasons, other than the aesthetic appeal, why you should consider exercising your green thumb inside your home!

Fresh oxygen - Plants are wonderful house companions, because they cleanse the air we breathe. They take in the carbondioxode we exhale and convert it back into fresh oxygen for us. So having plants inside is a wonderful way to keep your air clean and fresh!

Natural humidifiers - 10% of the moisture in the air comes from plants, and having moisture in the air is important for our lungs, as well as stopping our skin from drying out! Plants are natural humidifiers and will naturally boost the moisture in your room or home.

Provide healing properties - Specific plants can also be used for medicinal purposes, such as aloe vera. Aloe vera is succulent that’s internal flesh can be used to reduce the severity of burns as well as making a fantastic moisture mask!

Aromatherapy - Instead of burning incense or candles that can have toxic fumes and smoke, make your home smell beautiful and fresh with a variety of flowering plants. They will look beautiful and keep your place smelling subtly fresh and floral.

Aid in restful sleep - As well as air purification, some plants have also been shown to aid in relaxation and sleep, such as lavender and jasmine.

Provide a little flavour - Why not have some live herbs or even a chilli plant by the window in your kitchen!? They can purify the air; add beauty and the occasional extra flavour to your food! 

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