5 reasons why you should try sleeping on your back! - Emily Skye

5 reasons why you should try sleeping on your back!

5 reasons why you should try sleeping on your back!

We all have our favourite way of sleeping. Some of us on our sides hugging a pillow, others in the foetal position, and some of us need to be sprawled out diagonally across the bed in order to get a good night sleep! But did you know that the way you sleep is actually impacting on the rest of your life?

You may be surprised to hear this, however it is agreed by most experts that unless you are a snorer, and are going to be disrupting other people's sleep (or you have other specific conditions, such as pregnancy) then sleeping on your back is the healthiest choice.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider trying to sleep on your back!

  1. Healthy alignment - Sleeping on your back allows for correct alignment of your spinal column, which means you are less likely to wake up with a stiff neck or a sore back!
  2. Combats acid reflux - Lying on your back means you head is usually slightly elevated by your pillow and this prevents digestive substances from traveling back up your oesophagus, giving you that sickly feeling.
  3. Supports your internal organs and nerves - When you sleep on your front or on your sides (especially your left side!) your organs and nerves can be compressed and this can lead to digestive complaints, pinched nerves (which means pain and/or numbness) and general discomfort.
  4. Prevent premature wrinkles - It is true, if you lie on your side or your front, with your face pressed up against your pillow and your shoulders slouching forwards, then you are creating creases on your face and chest that will eventually start turning into more permanent lines.
  5. Maintain perky breasts!? - Apparently sleeping on your back helps prevent sagging and supports perky breasts. Who knew?

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