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Get the most from your workout

Get the most from your workout

Exercising and being active should be an important consideration in anyone’s life if they want to remain healthy, fit and independent. However if you have specific fitness goals and needs, then the type of workouts you do should reflect these. Otherwise you might find you are spending a lot of time and effort, yet not really achieving the results you are after.

Are you hoping to shed unwanted weight, strengthen a particular area of your body, build endurance, increase cardiovascular fitness, define and tone your body, train for an event, or generally increase your overall lean body mass? Perhaps your fitness goal is a combination of several of these?

Determining what it is you want to achieve is the first step when considering what types of exercise you should be incorporating into your weekly workout regime. Even though an ideal weekly workout schedule will include a combination of both resistance and endurance training, the ratio and types of exercises you choose will vary depending on your needs. Because different goals will present you with different challenges which means your workout schedule will need to reflect these accordingly.

There is no point in focussing your entire workout on jogging and cycling, when your goal is to gain strength and definition in your arms. Neither is solely lifting weights the most effective way to burn fat.

If you are training for an event then your workout schedule should be focused around the skills you will need for that event, such as physical or cardiovascular endurance and specific muscle strength.

If you want to shed unwanted weight, then the majority of your workouts should be focused on cardiovascular training (e.g. HIIT, interval sprinting, jogging or skipping).

If you are looking at building lean muscle mass, then you should have the majority of your workouts focused on resistance training as well as some cardio.

So if you find you are working really hard, yet not achieving the results you are after, it might be a good idea to write down exactly what your goals are. Then you can look at how you might adjust your weekly workout routine to effectively and efficiently reach those goals.

Remember you don’t get what you wish for, but you will get what you work for! 

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