7 body composition tips you need to know to get toned - Emily Skye

7 body composition tips you need to know to get toned

7 body composition tips you need to know to get toned

Working on your body composition requires a healthy diet, regular exercise and dedication. But there is more to it than just eating healthy and working out! Here are 7 body composition tips you should consider if you are serious about achieving your fitness goal!

Weight up! - Lifting weights, instead of just using your own body weight, will dramatically increase your sculpting efforts as well as amp up your fat burning progress!

Heavy Load Training - If you are serious about building and toning, then incorporating heavy load training into your workouts is a must. Aim to include weights that are between 65 - 80% of your maximum capacity and use reps ranging from 8-15.

Compound Lifts - Incorporate multi joint compound lifts that really focus on all the larger muscles of your body. Some good examples include; deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, lunges and pull downs.

Interval Training - Interval training is an excellent way of burning those calories, boosting your metabolism and building on your endurance.

Boost Your Protein - You can’t build muscle without the right kind of fuel. So ensure that your diet is rich in healthy, fresh protein sources such as lean meats, fish, tempeh, seeds, nuts and legumes.

Eat Healthy Fats - One mistake people often make is cutting their calories right down, when you actually need the energy to exercise as well as the energy to build and repair your muscles. Healthy fats are vital to good health, but they are also a great way of curbing hunger cravings, and making you feel satisfied, as well as giving you that vital energy source you need.

Savour Your Sleep - Don’t skimp on your sleep! You need to be well rested to have the energy to workout, plus it is when you are sleeping that your body actually works to build and repair your muscles! 

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