Top focus tips for toning your legs - Emily Skye

Top focus tips for toning your legs

Top focus tips for toning your legs

For Most women, weight gain starts around our bum and thighs and unfortunately this is also the last place it comes off. The good news? Shapely legs are very feminine and sexy, plus they make you stronger, faster and more powerful!

Here are my 3 top focus tips for toning and strengthening sexy, strong legs!

Structural Exercise - Focus on movements that use the natural downward force of gravity, instead of just relying on gym equipment that replicates this movement. These movements’ work to build strengthen and shape the entire structure of your body. Some great examples that focus on shaping your legs are lunges, squats, calf raises and deadlifts.

Strength Building Cardio - You have to move it to lose it, so incorporating lots of cardio into your week will help you shed any unwanted weight. If you goal is shaping and strengthening those feminine pins, then you should really consider the types of cardio you are doing. For example, running/jogging; if you are using a treadmill you are not getting the full use of the movement because the machine pulls your foot back so that you don’t have to work so hard to propel yourself forwards. Try some good old fashion outdoor jogging, or even better still on soft sand or up hills!

Flexibility - Having strong legs is great, but having strong flexible legs is even better! Incorporate some stretching and strengthening classes, such as yoga and Pilates, to help tone and shape your legs whilst also maintaining and increasing your movement. These types of exercises will help keep you looking and feeling fantastic all the way into your golden years!

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