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5 reasons bodyweight training will work for you

5 reasons bodyweight training will work for you

When it comes to sculpting your ideal body, by means of trimming down and toning up, you really don't need to be emptying your pockets on a gym membership or fancy pieces of home equipment. Body weight training, also known as calisthenics, is a form of exercising that utilizes the weight of your own body as a means of resistance.

Here are 5 reasons why bodyweight training might be just what you are looking for!

  1. Own body weight resistance = Less risk - You are less likely to injure yourself by overloading your joints or your muscles, because you are working against your own weight resistance. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that you are not going to be giving your muscles much of a workout though. You might be quite surprised to discover just how challenging a body weight workout can be!
  2. The freedom - Not being confined to specific places to exercise, or the opening hours of your local gym, gives you so much freedom! For many people this freedom is just what they need to help them really commit to their workout schedule. Why? Because it eliminates any excuses that may come from unforeseen changes in their normal routine. Calisthenic training allows you to workout when and where you want; giving you the freedom to work inside, outside or at 4 am in the morning if that is what suits you!
  3. Natural progression - Body weight training enables you to progress in your fitness levels, not by increasing the weight of resistance, but by moving into more advanced movements. This is beneficial because as you advance in your exercises, you will notice that you are expanding on the muscles being used. Helping tone your overall body keeping you nice and balanced.
  4. Use your environment to enhance your workout - Even though there is no equipment required, you can always utilize your environment to help enhance your workout. Try doing inverted push-ups using a park bench, or even the table, or kid’s monkey bars for pull-ups!
  5. Everyone can do it! - From complete ‘exercise newbies’ to regular fitness junkies, body weight training is going to provide you with a range of exercises that will enhance your strength and body composition. Sure, if bulking up is your goal than you might want to complement your workout with some weight resistance training, but you will still strengthen and tone whilst practicing bodyweight resistance training. 

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