Protein stuffed rice wraps - Emily Skye

Protein stuffed rice wraps

Protein stuffed rice wraps

Rice wraps are a delicious, easy to prepare snack that can be enjoy all year round. The best thing about them? You can make them any way you like!

What you will need:

  1. Firstly choose your protein source, or combination of protein sources. This can include meats, seafood, tempeh, egg, nuts and seeds.
  2. Then you need to choose your vegetable fillers. I suggest a selection of your favourites such as; grated carrots, bean shoots, sliced cucumbers, capsicum or lettuce.
  3. Add any extra flavours you might enjoy, such as fresh herbs, sliced chilli, or crushed roasted nuts.
  4. Rice paper sheets, as many as you would like to make. Keep in mind that they keep quite nicely in the fridge for about 24 hours, so you can make extra for tomorrow!

Putting your masterpieces together:

  1. Pre-cook your protein sources so that they are flavoured as you like them and cut into manageable strips for rolling.
  2. Boil some water and fill a large, flat bowl that is big enough so that you can submerge your rice paper sheets.
  3. Use a clean damp tea-towel, laid out on your bench top, to help prevent the paper sheets from sticking.
  4. Submerge each sheet for about 1 minute, or until soft, then lay out on the damp tea-towel.
  5. Lay out your fillings in the centre of the rice paper sheet, in a small rectangle shape, making sure not to fill it too much, or to reach the ends. Then fold each side over so it forms a nice neat parcel.
  6. Place on your serving tray and continue until all rice paper sheets have been used.
  7. Enjoy them just as they are or with your favourite dipping sauce!
  8. So simple and so yummy! 

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