Nuts facts about coconuts! - Emily Skye

Nuts facts about coconuts!

Nuts facts about coconuts!

Coconuts are a delicious and versatile food found in many tropical diets. Their milk can be drunk, their flesh eaten soft or dried and they can even be refined into a delicious flour substitute. They may have a bad rap with some health professionals, due to their high saturated fat content, however they also provide some really amazing (and interesting) health benefits too.

Did you know that coconut milk, cream and water are all quite different and contain different nutritional values?

  • Coconut water is the clear liquid that is in the centre of the coconut. It is very nutritious and contains no cholesterol and very little fat.
  • Coconut milk is the liquid that is excreted from grated coconut flesh and water.
  • Coconut cream comes from pressing the flesh.

Did you know that coconut milk has actually been used as a blood plasma substitute? Coconut water has similar properties to blood plasma and it is rumoured that it was used as a last resort for blood transfusions during World War 2.

Did you know that coconuts are so diverse in use; they are used for water, milk, cream, oil, butter and even flour? If you haven’t tried coconut flour before, then I suggest you give it a go as it will add a delicious (and gluten free) flavour to many of your favourite dishes!

Did you know that coconut water contains almost double the electrolytes found in most traditional sports drinks? They are also rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus. So instead of reaching for a sugar filled energy drink to rehydrate after a hard workout, try some coconut water instead! 

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