Finding the energy to give your work 100% - Emily Skye

Finding the energy to give your work 100%

Finding the energy to give your work 100%

As we move out of the holiday season, many of you might be finding it a little difficult getting back into the swing of things at work. So I thought I would focus this blog on looking at some ways to help stay focused at work and make sure we are present and able to productively give 100%! Because let’s be honest… Holidays can be exhausting!

Make a move every half hour - If you stay seated, staring at a screen or at paperwork, then you are going to struggle staying focused. Get up and move around briskly every half hour… Try doing 20 star jumps or high knees to really wake yourself up!

Keep hydrated - A common symptom of dehydration is feeling tired, so keep a bottle of water nearby and make sure you stay hydrated!

Look away from the screen - Staring at your computer screen for hours on end without looking away will strain your eyes anyway, but it also tends to make your eyes feel heavy and sleepy. Try to look at something off in the distance for a minute or so every half hour to help keep your eyes feeling fresh and awake.

Eat fresh and healthy - What you eat plays a big role in how you feel. If you eat heavily processed foods or foods high in sodium or saturated fats you are going to feel sluggish as your body struggles to digest it. Eating foods rich in processed sugars might give you a quick energy high, but it will be followed shortly by a tired low. So aim to eat fresh foods that are rich in nutrients to help give you that long lasting energy and focused concentration you need.

Drink green tea - Green tea is a healthy way to boost your energy levels. It actually enhances your metabolism and gives you a nice kick of caffeine.

Eat an apple - It has been suggested that eating an apple can be more effective in waking up your brain than drinking a cup of coffee! So take some apples to work to much on.

Listen to motivating music - If you are lucky enough to be able to listen to music as you work, then opt for something that is upbeat, or that you find stimulating, because it is surprising how the music we listen impacts on how we are feeling.

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