Stop looking to others to find your own perfection - Emily Skye

Stop looking to others to find your own perfection

Stop looking to others to find your own perfection

Do you often find yourself looking at another woman and longing for what she has? Or comparing yourself to her, and pulling yourself down in the comparison?

I would like to take this time to tell you…. You are perfect, just as you are!

Yes, we can all work on increasing our health and I highly encourage you all to do this!
Because exercising and eating well helps you feel fantastic both inside and out. Yet I am constantly dismayed by the amount of woman out there who are unhappy with themselves simply because they feel they are not good enough. They are comparing themselves to (photoshopped) models in magazines, or movie stars, or even their best friends and feel they come up short by comparison. Ladies… We are all different. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we all have our own strengths, and our own weaknesses that we can work on. But one of the beautiful things in life is the simple fact that we are all unique!

The key to living a happy life is; loving yourself. It really is. Everything else stems from how happy and content you are within yourself. Yet how can we be happy and content when we are constantly pointing out our ‘flaws’ by comparing ourselves to someone else? There will always be someone better or worse off than ourselves (depending on your perspective!). This is just life.

Sure, we all make comparisons at times….We are only human… However if we can learn to recognise we are doing it, and instead replace the negative thought with a positive one such as; “Look how far I have come!”. Or “How amazing am I to have implemented such positive change into my life?”, or simply “I am beautiful just as I am!”, then our lives could be even more amazing and fun! 

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